Don’t give the underhanded burglars the upper hand…

Here are a few of the most important things you can do to keep your property secure:

  • THINK! Double check all windows and doors are locked when you leave the house
  • Make sure all valuables are out of sight of windows and doors
  • Close the windows at night (if it’s too warm – get a fan)
  • Plant thick, prickly bushes near walls and fences to deter villains from climbing over
  • Gravel paths make silent approaches more difficult
  • Lock the garage (this is a common point of entry)
  • Leave some lights on (or on a timer) when you are out or away
  • Lock the shed and don’t leave ladders or tools lying around
  • Fit outdoor lights (motion sensors are best) wherever possible
  • DON’T leave keys under pots, doormats or stones… EVER!
  • Fit a burglar alarm with a visible box on the outside of the property
  • Join or form a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (people joke about it – but these work!)
  • Get a great big, noisy and ferocious dog… (or crocodile etc)
  • Let a neighbour, friend or relative check your post etc; if you are going away
  • Make sure you cancel the milk and papers; if you are going away
  • Ask a neighbour to park in your drive; if you are going away

REMEMBER! Burglars are opportunistic and will look for properties that are empty. So the TWO BIG GOLDEN RULES are: Make it look like someone is home AND make your home look too difficult or too uninteresting to bother with…